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Questions & answers

How would you describe your photography style?2023-02-05T20:03:46+03:00

Relaxed and discreet with no pressure.

How would you describe your way of working?2023-02-05T20:03:53+03:00

During wedding photography, I prefer to blend into the background and capture candid moments and authentic emotions.

Who will photograph my wedding? Will another photographer come?2023-02-05T20:03:58+03:00

Your wedding photographer in all options is Nikos Tsiokas. I don’t do double bookings for the day. This practically means that I am not going to send you someone else to photograph your wedding.

How long after the wedding will we receive the pictures? How will they be delivered?2023-02-05T20:04:04+03:00

You will receive thumbnails of all your wedding photos about a month after your wedding and they will be available in an online gallery. The first draft of your album will be ready about 4 months after the wedding.

Do you provide assistance with image selection and album design?2023-02-05T20:04:09+03:00

The photos for your wedding album are selected by me and delivered to you digitally to see and decide if you need any alterations.

How can we reserve the date?2023-02-05T20:04:42+03:00

Committing for the date of your wedding requires signing a contract and paying the retainer of 30% of the full amount.

How long after the wedding will we receive the video?2023-02-05T20:04:46+03:00

The delivery time for the video is a bit longer and ranges from 4 – 7 months after the wedding. Editing is a creative but time-consuming process and requires patience.

What do you do differently?2023-02-05T20:04:53+03:00

I photograph weddings in a relaxed and unobtrusive manner. I observe the couple and how they interact with family and guests, so I am there and ready when genuine emotions occur. I like to “chase” and capture fun moments, genuine laughs, true love stories.

Where can we do next day photography?2023-02-05T20:04:57+03:00

The next day wedding photo shooting can be done on a wonderful beach, on a nearby mountain, in your favorite bar or the place where you met. There is no limitation as long as there is flattering light and good mood!

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